Deputy Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, governor and other leaders visited Qingyuan Minhui for investigation
Time:2016-05-18 22:43:38

        Qingyuan in May, the sun is shining, Qingyuan Minhui unity, wind and rain along the way, its development and growth rate is ahead of the industry, and by the local government and customers praise.

       On May 16, Qingyuan Minhui was honored to receive a field inspection by guangdong government departments at all levels. On the afternoon of the guangdong governor zhu xiaodan 14:45 points in qingyuan city municipal party committee secretary GeChangWei, qingyuan city mayor Guo Feng, accompanied by fresh area district party committee secretary of xiao-yan zheng and other leaders to sensitive plant site inspection guide, south China area general manager by sensitive solid group during YanZhenHui, WuJiMing factory general manager, area manager Ma Yanhong reception and communication, etc.

       Governor Zhu Xiaodan and his party visited the electroplating workshop, automatic painting workshop and injection molding workshop successively, during which the regional general manager Yan Zhenhui introduced the layout, enterprise culture, technology level, production scale, management mode and subsequent development strategy of Yu Minshi Group.

Regional general manager Yan Zhenhui and factory general manager Wu Jiming led the team to visit the company's fully automated coating line and injection molding workshop 







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